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n. pl. Kanuri or Ka·nu·ris
1. A member of a predominantly Muslim people indigenous to the Lake Chad region of north-central Africa.
2. The Nilo-Saharan language of this people.
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(kəˈnʊər i)

n., pl. -ris, (esp. collectively) -ri.
1. a member of an African people living to the W and S of Lake Chad in NE Nigeria and adjacent areas of Niger, Cameroon, and Chad.
2. the Nilo-Saharan language of the Kanuri.
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Boko Haram, he stressed, was started by rich kids of the Kanuri elite.
The oldest participant in the event is Murli Kanuri, who is 68 years old and the youngest is Shaurya, 13 years.
Ms Esther Wangari Kanuri adopted the 33-year-old woman at the age of three months after she was dumped by her biological mother.The harassments and confrontations moved from bad to worse on the evening of February 23, 2014 when Njoki took a knife and stabbed the physically challenged foster mother, who was suffering from arthritis, 42 times.
She conducted the research with Laura Schwab-Reese of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., and Nitya Kanuri of Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
OT Morpho which has since rebranded to IDEMIA yesterday said Bildad Kagai and Kanuri Limited have failed to show how their rights were violated in respect to the KIEMS kits tender.
Spruss A, Kanuri G, Wagnerberger S, Haub S, Bischoff SC, Bergheim I, et al.
A female research assistant who speaks Kanuri language (the local language of the inhabitants of Maiduguri) was coopted for interpretation and administration of the survey to participants that could not understand or speak English language.
In Daura and other Hausa northern towns, a Zango settlement traditionally contained Kanuri and Arab merchants.
(2002), Mifire (2007) and Kanuri and McLeod (2015) question the diversification benefits of international ETFs due to U.S.
Summary: The attackers, including one female bomber, targeted crowded areas in Mainari Kanuri and Mainari Shuwa