Land shark

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a swindler of sailors on shore.

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"Well, them wolves is land sharks. They know their business better'n we do, an' they ain't a-holdin' our trail this way for their health.
Playing against this emotional storm is the story of a widow (Ratna Pathak Shah) who fights a dangerous land shark who is out to demolish her school and cricket academy in order to build a multi-storey complex.
(MEAL3 BZ) "International Meal Company" own and operate Margaritaville and Land Shark Bar & Grill destination restaurants throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Panama.
On this hunt, I used a 55-pound Bear Super Kodiak with Heritage shafts and Simmons Land Shark broadheads.
The Land Shark regulates body temperature, provides protection from harmful effects of weather conditions, and increases visibility or stealth depending on need.
There will also be 50/50 raffles, live music featuring "Land Shark" and MUCH MUCH more!!!
She added: "A good skipper knows the rules and that landing a basking land shark is illegal.
Land Shark, for instance, sells for $749.95, which sounds like you would buy it in a department store.
Based at Brisas Del Mar Inn near the beach, I explored the town aboard a Land Shark amphibious bus.
Surviving a Shark Attack (On Land): Overcoming Betrayal and Dealing with Revenge provides keys on how to handle a 'stealth land shark attack', charting the different emotions that stem from being betrayed and undermined, and showing how to survive it.
In July, the committee unveiled five possible replacements: a bear, a lion, a horse, a land shark (a reference to the team's tough defensive line) and Hotty and Toddy (derived from the name of the school cheer).