Lifting bridge

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a lift bridge.

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Giant Crane lifting bridge dwarfs the one erected at site of student flats development in Riverside
The lengthy row is one reason Trafford council reconsidered plans for Trafford Waters yesterday, which it approved despite the wrangling between Salford town hall and Peel, who have not yet agreed who should fund the operation and future maintenance of the Irlam lifting bridge.
In time, the crossing will become a lifting bridge for vessels using Middlesbrough dock.
The new 'A' bridge will take the form of a rolling bascule lifting bridge, powered by hydraulic cylindrical rams
The more complex work to replace the "A" bridge, the lifting bridge allowing ships access to the Wirral docks from the river, was originally expected to take until the New Year to complete.
A lifting bridge will have to be removed completely, cleaned of all the previous glue (on the bridge as well as on the top) and then re-glued.
The lifting bridge, used by both rail and road traffic, allowed Carr to combine maritime and railway subjects in one image with a River Wear Commissioners locomotive passing above several small vessels.
"We are doing all the control equipment for a lifting bridge in Indonesia.
The Turnbridge lifting bridge - properly known as Locomotive Bridge - will be renovated thanks to a project backed by English Heritage.
Voina has already won fame with stunts that included painting an erect penis on a lifting bridge opposite the Saint Petersburg headquarters of the security service and tipping over a police car with sleeping officers inside.
But, after working with Liverpool council's heritage and highways departments, the developer is now restoring the 78-year-old crossing which is the only surviving example of a rolling Bascule lifting bridge in Liverpool.