Lifting machine

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MARYLAND (CyHAN)- In space, the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) is the astronauts' weight lifting machine. Resistance exercises are important for astronauts to aid in the maintenance of muscle strength & endurance and bone mineral density.
According to reports, he was getting late for flight as the car lifting machine damaged hanging his car up in National Assembly parking.
Researchers at Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory have developed a lifting machine that can amplify hand motions enough to manipulate tremendous loads with the precision of a jeweler--a difficult combination to achieve.
When bakery manufacturers Warburtons Ltd needed to replace an existing lifting machine at their Blackpool plant they turned once again to product handling solutions specialist Lodematic Ltd.
The Tri Lifter is a mobile, heavy lifting machine designed to pick and carry loads up to 100 tons within confined spaces.