Light eater

one who eats but little.

See also: Light

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In their earliest development these entertainments took the form of feasts for the dead; such were held by the Greeks, under the name Nemeseia , by the Aztecs and Peruvians, as in modern times they are popular with the Chinese; though it is believed that the ancient dead, like the modern, were light eaters. Among the many feasts of the Romans was the Novemdiale , which was held, according to Livy, whenever stones fell from heaven.
In addition to her junkie-like addiction to the sugary, caffeine-y buzz, Harris ( was also a light eater and a heavy smoker , according to the New Zealand Herald.
"She was just a very light eater. I think most women are.
"I don't know why I put on weight," Julie moans, "I'm a light eater." Certainly is - when it's light, she starts eating.
Sandwiches, such as smoked pulled pork topped with BBQ sauce (the Mini Pearl for the snack or light eater), $4.60, or the Mr.
For example, a light eater tends to eat more in a group of heavy eaters.
This is not grub for the light eater or calorie counter.
The court heard how Mrs Morgan, who was a smoker, was described as a 'light eater' and had started using the Atkins diet.
I'm a light eater at lunchtime andwhile the risotto was appealing I've been caught out before by the way even a small portion is deceptively filling and so I, along with my son, chose the soup with croutons and bread.
"Why did you tell Carol I was a light eater? I'm no light eater."
He doesn't have a particular diet and doesn't weigh himself, but considers himself a light eater. Tyrese is a triple-threat artist who can sing, act and model, but singing is his No.
A light eater, junk food and caffeine have become only a memory.