Lotus berthelotii

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Noun1.Lotus berthelotii - low-growing much-branched perennial of Canary Islands having orange-red to scarlet or purple flowers; naturalized in United States
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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If you like a mixed arrangement, consider using trailing nemesia, bacopa, diascia, felicia, Lotus berthelotii, Scaevola Blue Wonder, Lysimachia Goldilocks and Verbena Temari.
Gary Mason of Los Angeles-based Sanctuary Landscape Architecture (sanctuaryla.net) added a sinuous path of steppingstones through the shimmery mounds of 'Elijah Blue' fescue; blue-green Crassula, Echeveria, and Senecio; and orange-flowered parrot's beak (Lotus berthelotii), nestled among angular rocks.
TRAILING plants such as Scaveola, Diascias, Convolvulus sabatius, Lysimachia goldlocks, nemesia confetti and Lotus berthelotii and old favourites such as pelargoniums, fuchsia, busy lizzies, petunias.