Neckar River

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Noun1.Neckar River - a river in GermanyNeckar River - a river in Germany; rises in the Black Forest and flows north into the Rhine
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
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Although the Bhoys lost 3-2 on his visit to the Neckar river, O'Neill's side went through to a quarter-final game against Liverpool having won 3-1 in the first leg at Parkhead.
The army had established a rest and recreation facility at Heidelberg on the Neckar River not far from us.
Shipping on the Moselle River and the Neckar River, two of the Rhine's tributaries, had already been halted.
Berlin (dpa) - Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, enjoyed some traditional activities in Heidelberg on Thursday as part of a three-day tour of Germany, with the royal couple making pretzels, strolling through the historic centre and rowing on the Neckar river. The royal couple and their two children arrived in Germany on Wednesday.
Protesters managed to temporarily halt the ship after they rappelled down from a bridge over the Neckar River.
How about attending an American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) Rheinland-Pfalz and Stuttgart Chapters' Regional Professional Development Institute (PDI) on the Neckar River in the surreal city of Heidelberg, Germany!
During springtime, fragrant flowers can be seen in abundance and in bloom in both the public gardens, plazas, squares, in private lots and along the cool banks of the Neckar River and the entire University town.