Pass book

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A book in which a trader enters articles bought on credit, and then passes or sends it to the purchaser
See Bank book.

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For this purpose he has fixed rates of every kind of work: for pass book or loan he has fixed bribe of Rs.10,000, for sale certificate Rs.40,000 and so on.
In March 2018, the NBP branch manager where I would receive my pension revised it from the pass book system to online, stating henceforth all pensioners would receive pension online.
After what seemed like hours, I approach the bench, only to be told that as my name is not on the bank book, they can't take the money (when have you ever heard of a bank that will not take the money?) and will issue a receipt, but can not enter it in on the pass book. Hang about, banks these days give wonga to Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo and Top Cat!
At IDBI Bank's e-lounge, customers can, on a self service basis, use facilities such as ATM, Automated Cash Deposit (with a receipt and instant credit of the amount), Automated Cheque Deposit (with an acknowledgment receipt), Automated Pass Book Printing, e-Transact terminal for various Card and Net Banking holders to view balance, make a funds transfer, pay bills, recharge etc.
There was a savings bank in the 1930s down Cloth Hall Street which was a 'penny bank' for school children where they deposited their savings in a pass book named Upper Agbrigg bank book.
FACED with a severe criticism over failure to find a reliable identity proof for sleeper class passengers, who are mostly from the poorer sections, Indian Railways has changed their earlier direction and will now look for either a ration card or a bank pass book as identification to carry onboard along with the ticket.
This was great as you could see your money growing in that little pass book.
Everyone who worked in the check office, cash office and pass book office is welcome.
St Anthony's RC School friends Debbie Seddon, 14, (right) and Terry Mayo, 12, had found a number of cheques and a bank pass book near the Yorkshire Bank at Berwick Hills and handed them in.
An investigation revealed that written entries had been made in to the customer's pass book which was against company policy.
Urquhart, 32, admitted stealing a ring, bank card and pass book after breaking into the Aberdeen flat.
Loans are advanced against two sureties and the security of pass book which has simplified the documentation, requirements of the farmers and eased the procedure of getting loans in an appropriate time.