Paulo Afonso

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Noun1.Paulo Afonso - a major waterfall in northeastern Brazil
Brasil, Brazil, Federative Republic of Brazil - the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America; world's leading coffee exporter
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A responsabilidade objetiva tambem e adotada como premissa para a responsabilidade civil envolvendo o uso de agrotoxicos por Paulo Afonso Brum Vaz (2006, p.
It is one of the largest areas of protected Caatinga and occupies about 105,282.00 ha., delimited by the coordinates 09[degrees]33'13" to 09[degrees]54'30" S and 38[degrees]29'20" to 38[degrees]44'00" W, limited to the North with the Pankarare aldeia, to the east with the municipalities of Rodelas and Canudos, to the South with the municipality of Jeremoabo and West with the municipalities of Paulo Afonso and Jeremoabo.
Celso de Mello), com apoio em douta licao expendida por CELSO LAFER ("A reconstrucao dos Direitos Humanos, p.131/132, 1988, Companhia das Letras), de um tipico direito de terceira geracao (ou de novissima dimensao), que assiste, de modo subjetivamente indeterminado, a todo o genero humano, circunstancia essa que justifica a especial obrigacao--que incumbe ao Estado e a propria coletividade (PAULO AFONSO LEME MACHADO, "Direito Ambiental Brasileiro", p.121/123, item n.
Ten specimens of juveniles of Diplodon enno (Family Hyriidae, Superfamily Unionacea) were collected on the [] of April of 2007, at the water channel that connects Sao Francisco river reservoirs of Moxoto and Paulo Afonso (-9.38971 latitude and -38.238574 longitude), belonging to CHESF (Sao Francisco Hydroelectric Company), City of Paulo Afonso, Bahia, Brazil (see Figure 1).
The sample included reports from all priority cities in the state of Bahia: Camacari, Feira de Santana, Ilheus, Itabuna, Jequie, Lauro de Freitas, Porto Seguro, Teixeira de Freitas, Paulo Afonso and Barreiras, in addition to Salvador, the capital of the state (4).
And of course want to see Omani investors in Portugal," Paulo Afonso, Executive Vice President of Espirito Santo Bank, told Times of Oman on the sidelines of an event about Portuguese Golden Visa programme.
A bus that was travelling in the opposite direction, which had left Sao Paulo on Sunday and was headed for Paulo Afonso with 38 people on board, crashed into the stray vehicle, dpa reported.