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Noun1.Pelycosauria - edaphosaurusPelycosauria - edaphosaurus; dimetrodon    
animal order - the order of animals
subclass Synapsida, Synapsida - extinct reptiles of the Permian to Jurassic considered ancestral to mammals
pelycosaur - large primitive reptile having a tall spinal sail; of the Permian or late Paleozoic in Europe and North America
Edaphosauridae, family Edaphosauridae - a family of reptiles of the order Pelycosauria
genus Dimetrodon - a reptile genus of Pelycosauria
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At the base, in the Rabejac Fm, both reptilians (Pelycosauria, Parareptilia, Lepidosauria), and amphibians (Temnospondyls) show a moderate size ranging from decimetric to metric; the latters being less abundant and diversified.
Ctenospondylus ninevehensis, a new species (Reptilia, Pelycosauria) from the Lower Permian Dunkard Group of Ohio.
(1988): Size-independent criteria for estimating relative age of Ophiacodon and Dimetrodon (Reptilia, Pelycosauria) from the Admiral and Lower Belle Plains formations of West Central Texas.