Pollen mass

a pollinium.

See also: Pollen

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Lipid content of pollen is generally less than 10% of dry pollen mass. However, lipid contents greater than 10% are considered attractive to bees [20,21,52].
After thein cubation period, pollen viability was analyzed by observing the staining of pollen mass in an optical microscope under a10x magnification.
The pollen mass was drawn into a band, and the total number of pollen grains was counted under a compound microscope (40x objective, 10x eye piece).
When a bee lands, brushing the flower's long trigger hairs, a floral structure slams a pollen mass onto the bee's back.
Its power comes from the sudden release of a bent strip of tissue, called a stipe, attached to the pollen mass, Fulop reported July 27.
The pipettes were loaded by pressing the tip into the sticky pollen mass at the bottom of the Eppendorf tubes.
The pollen mass (pollen + oily substance) contained a hollow, sometimes divided by a transverse ridge, on the exposed face of the pollen mass.
The pollen mass has a hollow area, sometimes divided by a transverse ridge, on the exposed face of the pollen mass, The egg was in a vertical position in the lower part of the hollow (Fig.
First, we assume that the pollen mass occupies a limited region on the pollinator's body and that the sexual organs of flowers contact all areas of this region with equal probability.
Learn of the unique pollen mechanism of milkweeds that catch insects by the leg to attach pollen masses to them for transport to other flowers.
It is experienced that the bees carry some additional amount of honey as 'glue' to build pollen masses (Ken-ichi et al., 2014).