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Noun1.Proteidae - mud puppies
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
Caudata, order Caudata, order Urodella, Urodella - salamanders; newts; congo snakes
genus Proteus, Proteus - type genus of the Proteidae
genus Necturus, Necturus - a genus of Proteidae
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(eds.), Handbusch der Reptilien und Amphibien Europas, band 4/I Schwanzlurche (Urodela) I (Hynobiidae, Proteidae, Plethodontidae, Salamandridae I: Pleurodeles, Salamandrina, Euproctus, Chioglossa, Mertensiella).
Ultrastructure of previtellogene oocytes in the neotenic cave salamander Proteus anguinus anguinus (Amphibia, Urodela, Proteidae).
The most complex condition, found in the Ambystomatidae, Hynobiidae, Proteidae, Salamandridae, and Siren idae, consists of the following ducts leading from the testes sequentially: the vasa efferentia, Bidder's duct (longitudinal collecting duct), afferent epididymal ducts, and efferent epididymal ducts.
Northeastern Alabama supports a high diversity of salamanders, approximately twenty-eight species represented by five families (Ambystomidae, Crytobranchidae, Plethodontidae, Proteidae, and Salamandridae).
Two species of salamanders that occur in South Dakota are very distantly related and represent two families, Ambystomatidae and Proteidae. Larvae of the tiger salamander are occasionally incorrectly referred to as mudpuppies but are considerably different in most of their biology as well as appearance.