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(Bot.) See Crystalloid, n., 2.

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After this culture period the morphology of strains was analyzed with a phase contrast microscope to observe the presence of the protein crystal (MONNERAT et al., 2001) and its concentration was quantified according to the methodology of ROMEIRO (1989) and then adjusted with saline solution to 3X[10.sup.7][mL.sup.-1].
The multi-target discovery effort will be led by Schrodinger, with Takeda providing protein crystal structures.
Protein crystal structure of RSK2 in complex with the LJH685 ligand having a resolution of 2.39 [Angstrom] was downloaded from protein databank (PDB ID: 4NUS) and prepared using the Protein Preparation Wizard (PrepWizard) in Maestro of Schrodinger software package (9).
"The cargo will allow investigators to use microgravity conditions to test the viability of expandable space habitats, assess the impact of antibodies on muscle wasting, use protein crystal growth to aid the design of new disease-fighting drugs and investigate how microbes could affect the health of the crew and their equipment over a long duration mission," said NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman.
"We are looking forward to hearing how these experiments go and expect these plates help to enable a new era studies of protein crystal growth in microgravity."
The second volume addresses the process fundamentals, including capillarity and shape stability analysis; transport processes like diffusion, buoyancy-driven convection, surface-tension, driven convection, and forced convection; segregation phenomena; strategies for the automatic control of crystal growth from melt; defect generation in growing crystals; fundamental and methodical consequences of bulk growth from solutions; crystallization mechanisms of high critical temperature superconductors; the mechanisms of protein crystal growth from gels; and mass crystallization.
During Expedition 39, the crew participated in a variety of research, including a human immune system activation and suppression study and a protein crystal growth research study looking for proteins responsible for Huntington's disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.
This research report categorizes the protein crystallization & crystallography market on the basis of technologies (protein purification, protein crystallization, protein crystal mounting, and protein crystallography), products (analyzers and reagents), and end users (pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, government institutes, and academic institutions).
in 1996, ET method enables the identification of conservation pattern within homologous proteins by comparing both the amino acid sequence and protein crystal structure information [11].
Applications for the EchoTherm IN35 and IN45 benchtop, solid-state convection chilling/heating incubators with temperature ramping include protein crystal growth; culture growth above, below, or at room temperature; enzyme reactions and deactivations; incubating cultures; ligations; hybridizations; storing ooytes and DNA libraries; and more.
For this reason, viruses are arguably not "alive." Since Platonic solids are associated with non-living crystal structures, by extension, one might consider a virus as a non-living protein crystal that contains the genomic material to make more protein crystals.
Operating a Rigaku/ MSC subsidiary, RoboDesign provides the company with fully integrated automated solutions for high-throughput protein crystal growth and screening.