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When the providore has received these contributions, he divides them according to the number of persons, and the want they are in: the proportion they observe in this distribution is twenty pots of beer, ten of mead, and one cow to a hundred loaves.
Augustine, to be expended for the benefit of the poor, and for the conversion of the Indians to the Catholic faith: but that, if I appeared, or any one for me, to claim the inheritance, it would be restored; only that the improvement, or annual production, being distributed to charitable uses, could not be restored: but he assured me that the steward of the king's revenue from lands, and the providore, or steward of the monastery, had taken great care all along that the incumbent, that is to say my partner, gave every year a faithful account of the produce, of which they had duly received my moiety.
SM Aura also is one of our favorite hangouts for unique restaurant experiences (Providore) and the Sky Park.
Available at or at Providore, SM Aura Premier
Leigh Street (don't miss Pink Moon Saloon) and Peel Street (try Bread & Bone Wood Grill) off Hindley Street are now popular, as well as Ebenezer Place in the East End, where I recommend Exchange Specialty Coffee, East End Providore cafe and Parwana Afghan Kitchen.
The 4, 6, and 8 bedroom residences are perfect for families, big and small, with 'khateebs' or Maldivian butlers, taking care of all your needs and a 'providore' service that ensures you come to a fully equipped estate with your favourite goodies, snacks and necessities.
It also owns and operates successful restaurant ventures, namely, Museum Cafe, Kabila, Providore, Backyard, Chelsea Kitchen, Chelsea Cafe, Saboten, Izakaya Sensu, Chotto Matte and Terraz.
She is fulfilling the role of Providore, organising everything in Sydney, then flying back to Hobart to wait for us.
"I also stop by The Providore, another furniture warehouse that doubles as a deli with fine breads and pastries."
q "I would get Peter Gordon from Providore in Marylebone High St in London to do the catering, giving him totally free rein.
The firm remained the biggest Japanese providore in Sydney until 1941.
At Chelsea Kitchen, Providore and Motto Motto, heart-shaped burgers are on the menu.