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 (lŭng′wûrt′, -wôrt′)
1. Any of several Eurasian plants of the genus Pulmonaria, having coiled clusters of blue or purple flowers and formerly used in treating respiratory disorders.
2. Any of various plants of the genus Mertensia, having drooping clusters of tubular, usually blue flowers.
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1. (Plants) any of several Eurasian plants of the boraginaceous genus Pulmonaria, esp P. officinalis, which has spotted leaves and clusters of blue or purple flowers: formerly used to treat lung diseases
2. (Plants) any of various boraginaceous plants of the N temperate genus Mertensia, such as Mertensia maritima (sea lungwort), having drooping clusters of tubular usually blue flowers
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(ˈlʌŋˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt)

any of several plants once believed to cure pulmonary disorders, esp. a European plant, Pulmonaria officinalis, having large spotted leaves and blue flowers.
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Shrubs, magnolia, coreopsis, snowdrops, tulips, pulmonaria, rhododendrons are some of the plants on show - with perennials up for sale at the Rocester site.
And so walnuts were useful for brain ailments; St John's wort (Hypericum) for wounds (because the perforations in the leaves resemble the pores of the skin); lungwort (Pulmonaria) for respiratory problems, because their grey-mottled leaves resembled diseased lungs.
Underplant with ground-hugging ajuga, alchemilla, epimediums, bergenia, hellebores, lamium, pulmonaria and soft shield ferns.
The foliaceous epiphytic lichens Lobaria pulmonaria (L.) Hoffm (Figure 1) were only sampled.
Pulmonaria 'Rasberry Splash' Pulmonarias (lungworts) are valuable spring plants that mix well with the early tapestry of snowdrops, crocus, brunnera and epimediums.
Good bedfellows for Kerria japonica include spring-blooming perennials with blue flowers like Pulmonaria Bertram Anderson or Virginia bluebells.
Un cen sy'n tyfu yma ydi llabed yr ysgyfaint (Lobaria pulmonaria; Tree lungwort).
Use good-looking groundcover plants such as hardy geranium, pulmonaria, epimedium, brunnera and pachysandra.
Use good-looking ground-cover plants, such as hardy geranium, pulmonaria, epimedium, brunnera and pachysandra, which smother bare soil so weeds haven't a chance.
For those who go for variegated foliage, Pulmonaria rubra 'David Ward' has pale green leaves edged in cream combined with coralcoloured flowers.