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Noun1.rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rainrain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain
ceremonial dance, ritual dance, ritual dancing - a dance that is part of a religious ritual
corn dance - a rain dance of Amerindians
Hawaiian dancing, hula, hula-hula - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman
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From Dhol drummers to rain dances and an exceptional selection of Indian food, participants of this year's festival would say it was nothing short of memorable.
In it, wife Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, also reveals Charles does "rain dances" because he worries their garden and trees do not get enough rain.
Thought for the day Only a few weeks ago officials at the course were performing rain dances as the ground was very firm but, judging by the flooded fields on either side of the M5 approaching the course, their wishes were more than answered.
This book weaves together science--the true shape of a raindrop, the mysteries of frog and fish rains--with the human story of our ambition to control rain, from ancient rain dances to the 2,203 miles of levees that attempt to straitjacket the Mississippi River.
Many of the festival's famous rain dances, where revellers soak each other with buckets of water, were scrapped in Mumbai after a call by Bollywood actors to conserve water.
Surely the time is now ripe to give this title to Nick Clegg or Eric Pickles, ideally encouraging them to perform traditional native American rain dances on Horse Guards Parade until the clouds break.
The detailed treatment of rain dances provides insight into the multifaceted nature of black dance expression.
The council "hereby declares that the sweat lodge, along with any form of Native Spirituality Practices, such as Powwows, Rain Dances etcetera, do not conform with the traditional practices and teachings of our Elders," the resolution reads.
Interestingly, the similar seductive rain dances come amid talks of the two divas not being on good terms with each other.
And although Native American Indians normally stage rain dances to summon a downpour, Lions Club representatives donned the feathered outfits to achieve the opposite effect - to fend off the bad weather.
On her first visit to Gombe, Africa, where she will spend her life researching chimps, she writes home to family: "It is the Africa of my childhood's dreams, and I have the chance of finding out things which no one has ever known before." In living with the chimps, learning their individual personalities and becoming familiar to them, Goodall discovered the animals using tools, eating meat, and performing ritual rain dances, strengthening their link to humans.