Reading glass

a large lens with more or less magnifying power, attached to a handle, and used in reading, etc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In 1999 Select-A-Vision introduced the "MagniFinder," which is featured now in all its premium reading glass displays.
SAV in-store Video joins other innovative Select-A-Vision merchandising programs, including the MagniFinder, a patented vision tester built into every reading glass display, and special packaging that makes it easy for shoppers to try on and feel the glasses before buying.
The on-the-go lifestyles of reading glass users means that portability is also important, and a number of vendors have developed slim or foldable reading glasses with protective cases that can easily fit into a pocket, purse or briefcase.
"We are seeing a new generation of reading glass customers, who expect higher quality and fashion at a value, as they continue to purchase multiple pairs of reading glasses for every room," he adds.
In addition, the sunglass and reading glass categories both have strong growth prospects.
M2 PRESSWIRE-September 2, 2019-: Your old reading glasses could help Rwandan adult learners
Dubai: Noor Dubai Foundation (NDF), a non-profit organisation has announced that it plans to distribute 120,000 free reading glasses across mosques in Dubai to individuals with limited means, during Ramadan, said a top official of Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
The reading glasses he wears from time to time, and the hearing aid tucked into his ear might give the mistaken impression of gentleness or physical incapacity: For decades, he was considered Israel's most dangerous criminal, the undisputed king of the underworld, the man who could make you tremble with fear with just one look.
1 February 2019 - US-based One Click Ventures, an online retailer of non-prescription reading glasses, sunglasses, and prescription glasses, been acquired by FGX International, a designer and marketer of non-prescription reading glasses, optical frames, and sunglasses, the company said.
About 100 elderly Tlokweng residents were recently assisted with reading glasses.
The good news -- you don't have to accept blurry up-close vision or reading glasses as a fact of life.