Received Standard

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Received′ Stand′ard

a form of educated English spoken orig. in S England and having Received Pronunciation as a chief distinguishing feature.
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Under the company's prospective, multi-centric, randomized, double-blind, parallel, saline controlled phase II study in 40 patients with cerebral ischemic stroke, all patients received standard treatment and were assigned to either control or PMZ-1620 cohort and received saline or PMZ-1620 within 24 hours of onset of stroke.
In their study, patients who underwent the procedure randomly were assigned into two groups: one group received standard care and the other received auto-FMT.
The median time to neutrophil recovery was shortened by nearly 50 percent for patients who received NiCord compared to a retrospective cohort of patients who received standard umbilical cord blood.
When patients performed a self-assessment 2 weeks after the end of the 10-week intervention, 61% of those in the home-based CBT program group rated themselves as much or very much improved, compared with 55% of patients who received standard CBT and 44% of patients in the control group, who attended generic education sessions.
It is therefore heartening that this study has largely addressed that evidence gap: There was no statistically significant difference between those children prescribed one of three bath additives in addition to standard care and those who received standard care alone.
The sedan has also received standard high-beam assist, upgrading its base-model headlight performance from 'acceptable' to 'good.'
Abdulhussain Mirza received Standard Chartered Bank Chief Executive Officer Dr.
The research, published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, found that patients who received standard therapy for afib, including antiarrhythmic medications, and participated in a 12-week yoga program reported a significantly more optimistic and more relaxed outlook compared with similar afib patients who received only standard therapy.
Patients who received PKC412 (midostaurin) and standard induction and consolidation chemotherapy experienced a significant improvement in overall survival (OS) compared to those who received standard induction and consolidation chemotherapy alone.
The trial compared 592 men who received standard treatment plus Docetaxel, to 1,184 men who received standard treatment alone.
Among 46 men who received standard medical therapy for severe alcoholic hepatitis, 23 received subcutaneous GCSF twice daily for five days.

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