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reg 1

n. Informal
A regulation.

reg 2

An extensive, hard desert surface consisting of wind-polished gravel lying on alluvial soil and cemented together by mineralized solutions.

[Maghrebi dialectal Arabic, from Arabic riqq, ruqq, from raqqa, to be thin, fine; see rqq in Semitic roots.]
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[< Latin rēgīna]


1. regent.
2. region.
3. register.
4. registered.
5. registrar.
6. registry.
7. regular.
8. regularly.
9. regulation.
10. regulator.
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References in classic literature ?
He added more naturally: "2nd Reg. Castille, Cavalry." Then with marked stress in Spanish, "En las filas legitimas."
Some books still subsisted, after Dobbin's departure, with his name written in them; a German dictionary, for instance, with "William Dobbin, --th Reg.," in the fly-leaf; a guide-book with his initials; and one or two other volumes which belonged to the Major.
Because Regulation A+ crowdfunding is so new, even issuing companies currently involved in the Reg.A process lack the resources they require to qualify, market, and successfully implement their Reg.A deals to a successful outcome.
ARMM, Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, Reg. XV, reg.
Reg. 5 1.987-1(b)(5) ("The term owner for section 987 purposes does not include an eligible QBU or section 987 QBU of an owner.").
Reg ordered rum as Ilya, Rod, Lana, Dan, Aldo Ray, Lisa murdered Roger
* 88 percent said Reg FD should be continued; 10 percent said it should be repealed.
Designed to create a level playing field for both large and small investors, Reg FD is now requiring companies to provide all investors with direct guidance about expected future results, in addition to publicly disclosing material information.
Reg. [subsection] 1.482-9T(1)(3)(iii) and (iv) and 1.861-8T(e)(4)(ii).
Reg ordered no pot-top!" Otto pondered Roger's tar.
Reg. [section] 1.199-3(i)(5)(iii), Examples 3, 4, and 5.
Reg. [section] 1.1031(a)-2(a), personal properties of a like class are considered to be of "like kind" for purposes of section 1031.