Reverse curve

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(Railways) a curve like the letter S, formed of two curves bending in opposite directions.

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The second zone is known as the reverse zone because it contains the reverse curve. This zone falls between the back optic zone and (first) alignment zone.
The effects of increasing the reverse curve of Spee in a lower archwire examined using a dynamic photo-elastic gelatine model.
The rear of the grip has a slight arch to it, which made it more comfortable for me to shoot, and goes into a graceful reverse curve just before it ends at the back.
We generated the second curve, called a reverse curve, by spiking constant concentrations of the light peptide (500 fmol/well) and 2-fold dilutions of the heavy peptide (from 1000 fmol to 0.5 fmol).
The reverse curve blade is 3-7/8" long and 5/32" thick, made of s35v steel.