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 (ro͞o′gən, rü′-)
An island of northeast Germany in the Baltic Sea. Separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, it was seized by Denmark in 1168, passed to Pomerania in 1325 and to Sweden in 1648, and became part of Prussia in 1815.
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Rugia Mustafayeva was also recognized as the best performer in the nomination "National Folk Song" and got "Audience Award."
The item was researched by Sudanow reporter, Rugia Ahmed Shafie (http://sudanow-magazine.net/page.php?Id=290) who was covering a festival on traditional foods in the Sudan and their nutritional value and benefits.
Freud pretendia colocar el Ich consciente del ciudadano alli donde latia y rugia el Es o id.
Plan de cuidados estandarizado en pacientes sometidos a bypass y/o procedimiento valvular cardiaco con ci rugia mayor.