n.1.A breaking or bursting open; breach; rupture.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Then their pleasure -- not to say delirium -- was so fresh and novel and in- spiring that the sight of it paid me well for the inter- ruptions which my sleep had suffered.
"In almost every sector, with few exceptions, you will find that the scale of cor- ruption is at a minimum 10% of the sector's GDP.
"This fault caused major dis ruption to Metro services that morning before it was rectified around 11am and train services could resume.
It had to be a comprehensive approach that looked at the broad agenda for tackling cor- ruption.
His chartbuster Hari Om Hari from Pyaara Dushman (1980) was, in reality, One Way Ticket by 1970s covers band ruption. His foot-stomping Zubi Zubi from Dance Dance (1987) was Modern Talking's 1986 hit Brother Louie.
Cil Akinci and Pinar (2014) state the burden of caregiving can result in psychological distress, physical health problems, economic problems, social problems, dis ruption of family relationships, and a sense of losing control.
Ericson and Kurol suggest as well that extraction of the primary canine is the treatment of choice in the age group from 10-13 years when the erupting maxillary canine has a palatal ectopic path of eruption provided that the diagnosis of male ruption is done early and that the extraction treatment is done in time, when a favorable effect of treatment occurs, the change in position and path of eruption will be observed at least 12 months after extraction of the primary canines, if no improvement can be found at that time, normalization isn't to be expected and alternative treatment should be considered.
"These people use cor ruption as a mere slogan," Bilawal said.
ruption. They show how the rule-breaking allowed by technology cannot be a licence to destroy the livelihoods of those who adhere to the rules.
tweeted that his balance had PS700 without making a transaction, another said the disruption left her "unable kids in school media to vent their One man available dropped by him makin while anoth ruption had to feed my tomorrow".
Rather than having to look at your smartphone to chart your progress, the device will give you audio updates, meaning less dis- ruption to your workout.
Helen Epstein wrote in the New York Review of Books about how Ebola was exacerbated by rumors and economic cor ruption, such as the misuse of aid money.