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1. Of or relating to an imagined European kingdom characterized by provincialism, nationalism, and political intrigue: designed Ruritanian uniforms for the honor guard.
2. Of or relating to a hypothetical foreign nation, as in discussions of international law or economic theory.

[After Ruritania, , imaginary realm in the novel The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope.]
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(ˌrʊərɪˈteɪnɪən; -njən)
1. (Placename) of or relating to Ruritania
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of or relating to Ruritania
3. (Placename) involving adventure, romance, and intrigue
4. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) involving adventure, romance, and intrigue
5. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Ruritania
6. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a native or inhabitant of Ruritania
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Noun1.Ruritanian - an imaginary inhabitant of Ruritania
Adj.1.Ruritanian - of or pertaining to or characteristic of Ruritania (or any other imaginary country)
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Much of those profits are accrued in cock-eyed Ruritanian fashion, when they have to turn the wind turbines off, so that they get even greater income for not producing any power!
William Windsor, aka the Ruritanian Duke of Cambridge, lands in a Middle East minefield on Sunday by visiting Israel and occupied Palestine.
Parliament In 1897-98, who wrote Savrola, a Ruritanian romance?
One officer thought it "Ruritanian", another that it "brought irresistibly to mind a vision of the gentleman who stands outside the cinema".
address assigned to the Ruritanian Resistance Group
John Mitchell agrees to buy the collection for 10 million Ruritanian talers.
As will be discussed below, in contract cases this standard of damages is generally taken to mean expectation damages, (8) By contrast, assume that the Ruritanian law of public contracts guarantees investors only reasonable reliance damages when the state breaches--so as not to bind the government's hands if future regulatory exigencies arise.
In Spain, however, they had rather served as vehicles for political satire, since those imaginary monarchies could reflect the mores of the Spanish one without risking being censored as anti-government pamphlets or their authors being prosecuted for lese-majesty, even though they were also used to debunk the prestige of courts by showing their immoral or stupid exercise of political power, as it was the case in disenchanted and iconoclastic Ruritanian romances such as Emilia Pardo Bazan's El saludo de las brujas (1899; Witches' Greeting) or Wenceslao Fernandez Florez's El secreto de Barba Azul (1923; Bluebeard's Secret).
He said: "To those who believe that Britain is better served by disengaging, either from nearby trading partners, or from the pursuit of economic growth, I say that it is only if we deliver an open and enterprising economy that we will meet our aspirations, and it is only through growth that we will avoid becoming a Ruritanian backwater or a living museum."
Flavia, however, chooses not to gamble: rather, she will perform her role as a good Ruritanian subject and secure the future of the Elphberg line.
In court, showing none of the gallantry the heroes of his Ruritanian romances exuded, he described Miss Constable as "stage struck." When asked whether she was a liar he replied, to the sound of crashing dreams in the court room, "Yes, I am afraid I do." What a thing to say about a lady who had sacrificed herself for him - with a 50 quid fine, as well.