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 (skə-lâr′ē, -lär′ē)

[Latin scālāre, neuter of scālāris, of a ladder (so-called from its parallel markings), from scālae, ladder; see scale2.]
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(Animals) another name for angelfish2
[C19: from Latin scālāris of a ladder, scalar, referring to the runglike pattern on its body]
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(skəˈlɛər i, -ˈlɑr i)

any of three deep-bodied angelfish, Pterophyllumscalare,P.altum, and P.eimekei, of N South American rivers.
[1925–30; < New Latin; Latin scālāre, neuter of scālāris scalar]
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[+] Messer Giorgio Scali. This event is to be found in Machiavelli's "Florentine History," Book III.
Daudelin (AT), DeConcilis (LP), Dupuis (GS), Hughes (NC), Scali (AT), Schaffer (WA), Schreier (NV), Sc.
The MDB is proposed to prevent DM folding, maintaing patency of the subarachnoid space and the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid(CSF), transmitting tension of DM and adjusting the head position (Hack et al., 1995; Scali et al., 2015).
Previously, Scali built and led the ICS cybersecurity consulting practice at Mandiant, a division of FireEye, where he conducted ICS-focused cybersecurity assessments and incident response activities for critical infrastructure globally.
In her new role as client account manager, Scali will work alongside the 401(k) team to help create deliverables for clients and run scorecards to help guide plan compliance and a comprehensive solution.
O trabalho de Scali e Ronzani (2007) reforca esse relacionamento, pois, ao investigar diferencas entre crencas relacionadas ao consumo de alcool entre dependentes e nao dependentes dessa substancia, encontraram que alcoolistas acreditam que o alcool diminui e/ou atua como uma fuga para emocoes negativas e, consequentemente, fazem uso dessa substancia quando se deparam com tais situacoes.
Topics discussed by the 13 chapters presented include: the Cold War, international relations, and special aspects of the German situation; the KGB view of the West; intelligence operations between North Korea and South Korea; the secret war between the Soviet Bloc and Yugoslavia, 1948-1955; British-American early Cold War clandestine overflights over communist territory, 1950-1956; and the role played by the diplomatic/intelligence channel between KGB agent Aleksandr Feklisov and John Scali, a State Department correspondent for ABC News, in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
He said French journalist Bertil Scali approached him a few years ago with the idea of a "literary" memoir that would expand on the given facts.
Enix, Scali and Pontell describe the anatomical relationship of musculature and the spinal cord.
Many phasmid species have shown variation with respect to their ploidy (Pijnacker 1967; 1969; Marescalchi and Scali 1990; Giorgi 1992; Sandoval et al.
Burlington, MA, January 18, 2013 --( Jenn Scali has joined RE/MAX Prestige as the newest member of this dynamic sales team.
This species shows an unusual double uniparental inheritance (DUI) of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), that results in heteroplasmic F and M types of mtDNA (Passamonti & Scali 2001).