Sage cheese

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cheese flavored with sage, and colored green by the juice of leaves of spinach and other plants which are added to the milk.

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Tulliver was obliged to bury them in her maternal bosom; for Maggie, declaring that the frock smelt of nasty dye, had taken an opportunity of basting it together with the roast beef the first Sunday she wore it, and finding this scheme answer, she had subsequently pumped on the bonnet with its green ribbons, so as to give it a general resemblance to a sage cheese garnished with withered lettuces.
Follow the Heart of England's Cheese Trail for a nibble of Sage cheese at the Monkland Cheese Dairy in Leominster or Old Worcester White at Boomhall Farm in Worcester (for trail information call 01746 785185).
The little Hereford, Monkland and Hereford Sage cheese is available by post and also in a range of gift boxes made up of Herefordshire food and drink.