Sage sparrow

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(Zool.) a small sparrow (Amphispiza Belli, var. Nevadensis) which inhabits the dry plains of the Rocky Mountain region, living among sagebrush.

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For both species, these annual changes paralleled those observed in randomly selected patches: the change in each species' average scores on the 4 independent components between 1981-1982 and 1982-1983 was significantly correlated with the change in average random patch scores over the same periods (r = 0.93, df = 6, P [less than] 0.001 for Sage Sparrow; r = 0.71, df = 6, P [less than] 0.05 for Brewer's Sparrow).
After our field seasons, the progenitor sage sparrow (Amphispiza belli) was split into separate species as sagebrush sparrows and Bell's sparrows (Chesser et al., 2013).
kinkiense (San Clemente Island larkspur), San Clemente loggerhead shrike (Lanium ludovicianus mearnsi), San Clemente sage sparrow (Amphispiza belli clementeae), and Island night lizard (Xantusia riversiana).
The Lincoln's sparrow (left), the sage sparrow and the black-backed woodpecker are among Noah Strycker's detailed bird drawings.
Because they require vast areas of habitat to survive, sage grouse are also umbrella species; conserving and restoring sage grouse habitat will benefit other sagebrush obligate species such as the sagebrush vole (Lagurus curtatus), sage sparrow (Amphispiza belli), sagebrush lizard (Sceloporus graciosus), and the pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis).
Some are sagebrush obligates-creatures such as the sage grouse, sage sparrow, sagebrush lizard and sagebrush vole that cannot survive without plenty of high-quality sagebrush and its associated perennial grasses and forbs.
Key words: birds, passerine; Brewer's Sparrow (Spizella breweri); Geographic Information Systems; habitat association model; Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris); Idaho, USA; landscape change; remote sensing; Sage Sparrow (Amphispiza belli); Sage Thrasher (Oreoscoptes montanus); shrubsteppe; Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta); wildfire.
Macrogeographic patterns of morphometric and genetic variation in the sage sparrow complex.
Sage Sparrows (Amphispiza belli), Black-throated Sparrows (A.
Plywood models of tanks and missiles poke through native shrubs with flittering San Clemente Island sage sparrows, found only on the island.
Our objective is to determine if and how these processes operate in shrub steppe ecosystems in Idaho by monitoring nesting success of shrub-steppe obligate species (Brewer's Sparrows, Spizella breweri, Sage Sparrows, Amphispiza belli, and Sage Thrashers, Oreoscoptes montanus).
Black-throated sparrows accounted for 48% of captures of residents, while white-crowned sparrows, Bewick's wrens, and sage sparrows combined accounted for 84% of captures of short-distance migrants.