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 (sī′və, shī′-)
n. Hinduism
One who worships Shiva.

[Sanskrit śaiva-, belonging to Shiva, from Śivaḥ, Shiva.]

Sai′va adj.
Sai′vism n.


(ˈsaɪvə; ˈʃaɪ-)
(Hinduism) a member of a branch of Hinduism devoted to the worship of Siva, but rejecting the notion of his incarnations
(Hinduism) of or relating to Saivism or Saivites
ˈSaivism n
ˈSaivite n
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The Govigamas are no exception, so also are the 'Saiva Vellalar' upper-castes in the minority Tamil community, who too have a 'born-to-rule' chip on their shoulders.
Perhaps the most famous of these scholars, and in many ways the most impressive, was Abhinavagupta, a theologian in the Saiva branch of Hinduism who wrote works on philosophical theology and ritual exegesis, as well as devotional hymns and texts on literary theory and dramaturgy.
class="MsoNormalThe body was then taken to Machakos Funeral Home where it was lodged under Mr Michael Saiva and Ms Litha as signatories.
In my capacity as Special Advisor to the Temple's Restoration Committee, along with its Secretary R.Perinpanayakam met with His Holiness Bodhinatha Veylanswami, who presides over three organizations: Saiva Siddhanta Church, Himalayan Academy publications and Hindu Heritage Endowment, who was at the Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Kovil and during interludes of the Temple rituals carried on, on Friday 22 March.
Sanskrit scholar and spiritual teacher of nondual Saiva Tantra (NST),
The accused persons Kabil, Hazara, Nawab, Meer Haji, Shehzada, Ameen, Khuda Bakhsh, Qasim, Habib, Sanaullah, Lala, Nadir, Nasarullah, Ghulam Bani, Dareehan, Mujeet, Sabar Din, Ahmed, Aslam, Matara, Saiva, Bashir, Abdullah, Haji Abdul Ghani, Rahib, Challo and Jan Muhammad have been declared proclaimed offenders.
Eight papers from an October 2010 conference in Hamburg, along with three additional ones, look at these multi-text manuscripts from such perspectives as mravaltavi: a special type of Old Georgian multiple-text-manuscript, composite and multiple-text-manuscripts: the Ethiopian evidence, one-volume libraries and the traditions of learning in medieval Arabic Islamic culture, Sivadharma manuscripts from Nepal and the making of a Saiva corpus, and composite manuscripts in medieval China: the case of Scroll P.3720 from Dunhuang.
The matrimonial adverts called for Mudaliar, Iyer, Nair, Vannan, Chettiyyar, Brahmin, Saiva Pillai, and then there was a group called the Scheduled Caste; this is a special category of disadvantaged people who never, ever marry anyone but their own.
Acri's work carries forward the discussion of a tantric Buddhist mantra inscribed on gold leaf from Ratu Boko by drawing comparative data from Balinese Buddhist and Saiva sources that strongly suggests the mantra was used in a ritual of attraction, coercion, and control (vaslkdrana) intended to subjugate the Sanjaya monarch Panaraban and ensure his patronage of the esoteric Buddhism of the Abhayagirivihara of the Ratu Boko complex.
because, in spite of the fact that the author of the former is Saiva and