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n.1.Same as Sagene.
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The Old Russian measures 1 verst 1066.78 meters / 1.6 km 500 sajenes 1 sajene 2.13356 meters 3 arshins 1 arshin 0.71 metres 16 vershok 1 pood 16.38 kilogram 1 kilogram 0.06105 pood 1 dessiatina 1.0925 hectare 2400 sq.
Water reservoirs had to contain several tanks at volume more than 8 cubic sajenes, at a height above 4.5 sajenes.
Alienation of land for railway building was done in a great amount, railway should not be narrower than 20 sajenes, with the exception of cities, settlements and localities with the considerable value of estates, where the distance to the axis of the second track could be 6 sajenes, very seldom it could be 4 sajenes.
2 there were six trusses, each 58 sajenes long; in the variant No.
The distance between the bottom of the truss and water surface in the navigable part was 8 sajenes. The main idea of the bridge scheme was common for all variants.
According to the engineering council register of June, 8, 1916 travel part of the bridge was placed high enough, that clearance space under it in the middle of the third span was 8 sajenes. Such distance was considered to be optimal because the height of masts and spars of river boats from water surface was 50 feet (Konovalov 2010).
Parallels to this phenomenon can also be established from other novels of the same period, such as Ntsane's Nna, Sajene Kokobela C.I.D.