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 (săk′ə-lēn′, -lən, să-KHə-lyēn′)
An island of southeast Russia in the Sea of Okhotsk north of Hokkaido, Japan. Colonized by Russia and Japan in the 1700s and 1800s, it passed under Russian control in 1875.


(Russian səxaˈlin) or


(Placename) an island in the Sea of Okhotsk, off the SE coast of Russia north of Japan: fishing, forestry, and mineral resources (coal and petroleum). Capital: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Pop: 546 500 (2002). Area: 76 000 sq km (29 300 sq miles). Japanese name (1905–24): Karafuto


(ˈsæk əˌlin, ˌsæk əˈlin)

an island of the Russian Federation in the Sea of Okhotsk, N of Japan: formerly (1905–45) divided between the Soviet Union and Japan. 685,000; 29,100 sq. mi. (75,369 sq. km).
Japanese, Karafuto.
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Furthermore, Shell and Sakhalin Energy have now been accused of 'stage managing' the autumn 2007 independent assessment made by AEA Technology, which was instrumental in paving the way for their financing deal.
Sakhalin LNG Supplies Delayed: Resource nationalism in Russia in 2006, for example, featured the assumption of a controlling stake in Sakhalin Energy (Sakhalin-II) by Gazprom.
This article takes up the challenge to produce a more critical approach to resource geographies through the study of a particular resource periphery, Sakhalin in the Russian Far East, a particular resource sector, offshore oil and gas exploration and development, and a particular issue, namely, how the 'greening' of international financial institutions and major commercial banks provides environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) a means to hold the global oil companies to account.
Japan turned down a request from South Korea in 1976 to make a partial payment to help South Koreans who were taken to Sakhalin by Japan during the World War II return home, according to diplomatic documents released Wednesday.
THE Kremlin has tightened its control over Russia's energy industry after state-owned Gazprom took a majority stake in Royal Dutch Shell's Sakhalin II project.
The Kremlin cemented its control over Russia's energy industry after state-owned Gazprom took a majority stake in Royal Dutch Shell's Sakhalin II project.
Across Russia, new oilfields are being developed in remote regions like north of the Arctic Circle in northwest Siberia and on Sakhalin Island.
Gazprom said the rising costs of the Sakhalin field and the anticipated delays in making the first shipments of gas have lowered the value of the project.
Shell, which employs around 2,00 people in Cheshire, blamed currency swings and rising prices of commodities such as steel for driving up the cost of the Sakhalin II, which will help satisfy the thirst for energy in Asia with gas found off Russia's eastern coast.
Russia's Sakhalin-2 project, led by Shell with Mitsui and Mitsubishi, is a combined oil and gas project being developed by the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC).
Yoko Abe returned to Sakhalin Island for the first time in more than half a century and had a pleasant surprise.