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1. A member of the Salvation Army.
2. salvationist One who preaches salvation; an evangelist.
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1. (Protestantism) a member of an evangelical sect emphasizing the doctrine of salvation
2. (Protestantism) (often capital) a member of the Salvation Army
3. (Protestantism) stressing the doctrine of salvation
4. (Protestantism) (often capital) of or relating to the Salvation Army
salˈvationism n
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(sælˈveɪ ʃə nɪst)

1. a member of the Salvation Army.
2. (l.c.) a person who preaches salvation.
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[sælˈveɪʃnɪst] Nmiembro mf del Ejército de Salvación
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nHeilsprediger(in) m(f); (also Salvationist: = of Salvation Army) → Angehörige(r) mfder Heilsarmee
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Salvationist [sælˈveɪʃnɪst] nsalutista m/f
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They were both "Salvationist Socialists" or militant revolutionary socialists who corresponded when Holland left Newcastle where they worked together, later for New Zealand.
Sandy, a long term Salvationist, has worked from the church on Drip Road for many years.
As well as a member of the Welsh Society, David is also a strong Salvationist and plays in the local Army Brass Band.
These mismatches accentuate the distancing between different segments of society, causing historical problems such as authoritarianism and prejudice that, disguised in new clothing and language, (re)produce a society in which social change is considered a stimulus to idleness; valorization of cultural diversity as an apology for social disruption; politics as corruption; social movements as terrorism; freedom of choice as an offense; civil and police violence as a solution to social problems; and meritocracy among unequals as a Salvationist market panacea.
The mission trip has been organised by the Salvationist Service Corps (SSC) - a programme run by the Salvation Army's SOUTHERNUSTERRITORY that gives young people the chance to work in locations around the world.
Captain Lewis grew up as a fifth generation Salvationist and became a Salvation Army Officer in 2005.
There are three fasting religions under Chinese Salvationist religions.
The magazine works the meaning of the definition in relation the "future of the planet", which brings a sense of redemption, a salvationist discourse that indicates a mistake first, since it is the people who are at risk of not having a future; the Earth will outlast us.
A Salvationist farmer is visited five miles out, and a few miles farther on we camp for lunch.
The mum who inspired 110 years of caring THE Salvation Army has been accommodatibg women experiencing homelessness in Liverpool since 1906, when Ann Fowler House Lifehouse was gifted by Miss Mary Fowler, a Salvationist living in the city, in memory of her mother.
The Salvationist Handbook of Doctrine, the manual used to train Salvation Army "soldiers" and members, includes several chapters that refer to the sin of homosexuality, including a section that cites Romans 1:18-32, which includes an admonition that gay people should be put to death (verse 32).
The failure of the white Salvationist leaders in Rhodesia and at international headquarters to discern the inevitable future of an African-led Zimbabwe Salvation Army left the Zimbabwe Salvation Army weakened because of ill-prepared African leadership, paralleling the same failure of the white-led national government.