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Noun1.Salviniaceae - water ferns
genus Salvinia, Salvinia - type genus of the Salviniaceae: water ferns
Azolla, genus Azolla - a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
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El sistema PPG1 trata a los helechos leptosporangiados heterosporeos en las mismas dos familias, Salviniaceae y Marsileaceae, que en el sistema seguido en FI.
Knapp (eds.), Flora Mesoamericana vol.1: Psilotaceae a Salviniaceae. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico D.
Morphological differences between ecotypes of Crytobagous salviniae Calder and Sands (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a biological control agent for common (Salvinia minima Baker) and giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta Mitchell) (Salviniaceae) were shown to be a factor in the effectiveness of control (Tipping et al.
Herbaceous genera are characteristic of non-forested swamps; among them are Hydrocotyle (Apiaceae), Pistia (Araceae), Eichornia (Pontederiaceae) and Azolla (Salviniaceae) (Kalliola et al, 1991; Richards, 1996).
(Salviniaceae), also known as orelha de onca, is a native aquatic plant from South America and is commonly found in freshwater lakes [5].
ex Kurz., M, Herb, Apocynaceae 69 Ricinus communis L., shrub, 178 155 oil yielding, Euphorbiaceae 70 Salvinia cuculata Roxb., 178 70 manure, fern, Salviniaceae 71 Scoparia dulcis L., herb, Scrophulariaceae 434 163 72 Shores robusta Gaertn.f., tree, 1009 153 wood, leaves, Dipterocarpaceae 73 Sida cordata (Burm.
azurea (Pontederiaceae), Oxycaryum cubense (Poepp y Kunth, 1908) Palla (Cyperaceae), Thalia multiflora (Horkel ex Korn, 1862) (Marantaceae), Salvinia biloba (Raddi, 1825) (Salviniaceae), Pistia stratiotes (L., 1753) (Araceae), Ludwigia peploides (Kunth) (P.