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Noun1.Sam Goldwyn - United States film maker (born in Poland) who founded his own film company and later merged with Louis B. Mayer (1882-1974)Sam Goldwyn - United States film maker (born in Poland) who founded his own film company and later merged with Louis B. Mayer (1882-1974)
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To borrow from Sam Goldwyn, they are like verbal IOUs -- not worth the paper they are written on.
The film finally came in for Sam Goldwyn at $3,000,000 Depressiondollars a sum he never regretted.
Sam Goldwyn, the movie mogul, famously said: "If they liked it once, they'll love it twice."
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Sam Goldwyn, that Hollywood master of malapropisms, had planned to build a musical around singing star Eddie Cantor as the Scarecrow, but MGM bought him out and assembled the perfect cast.
Heir to a Hollywood dynasty, he's the grandson of the middle initial in MGM Studios and the son OT producer Sam Goldwyn Jr.
Sam Goldwyn was the epic producer who, when his wife was asked if she wanted to be buried beside him, said she preferred director George Cukor instead.
It made me want to know more about Sam Goldwyn (alias Shmuel Gelbfisz), David O Selznick and the rest.
Sam Goldwyn thought that it would be a great idea to alter her appearance for The Adventures Of Marco Polo (1938).
"I got to sing," she added, "because Sam Goldwyn said, `You might as well wreck it with your own voice than somebody else's.'"
Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs today, he says: "I grew up during the war when there was no Christmas, so I over-produce Christmas like Sam Goldwyn. The whole place is full of decorations."
As Sam Goldwyn probably figured out, a friendly handshake sometimes is nothing more than an invitation to a round of arm-wrestling later in the courts.