n.1.Harm; disgrace; shame.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Justice Josephine Oyefeso of an Ikeja High court, Lagos on Friday sentenced to death by hanging, a 51-year-old dock worker, Lekan Shonde for murdering his wife Ronke.
It's the bad luck of the Jews, and a persistent shonde, that some of the most notorious Communists were members of the tribe: "Iron Lazar" Kaganovich, Stalin's brutal henchman; Jakub Berman, head of the Polish secret police; Romania's Ana Pauker ("Stalin in a skirt"); and of course Exhibit A, Leon Trotsky.
When I type: Shonde ("shame"), my phone autocorrects to: Standard.
And then there's the name: the Shondes. Shonde rhymes with Rhonda, and it's a Yiddish term meaning disgrace.
Lekan Shonde convicted for killing his wife, Ronke, at the Lagos State High Court, on Friday, has been sentenced to death by hanging.
A post-mortem examination conducted on Ronke Shonde, who was allegedly murdered by her husband, has revealed that the deceased died from severe brain injuries.
THE absence of a prosecution witness has stalled the murder trial of dockworker Lekan Shonde, who allegedly beat his wife to death at their Lagos home two years ago.
The Shondes, Brooklyn based queer rock, pop, and punk band, was founded by singer and bassist Louisa Rachel Solomon and transgender violinist Elijah Oberman (
The line-up features New York-based The Shondes, and four bands from Kansas City and Lawrence: Blondie Brunetti, Grenadina, Wick & The Tricks, and Amy Farrand.
your plans." When Brooklyn-based queer-core band, The Shondes, first formed in 2006, it's safe to say that a label breakup and a stolen van were not a part of the agenda-While those two misfortunes alone might have caused a band with less moxy to jump ship, The Shondes endured another harrowing blow when they were forced to abruptly cancel their European tour following violinist Elijah Oberman being diagnosed with cancer.
Though their musical styles are very different, punk rockers The Shondes, folkie Chris Pureka and rock upstarts Hunter Valentine are indie queers who are heartthrobs out to steal your heart with their lovesick lyrics.