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imp.1.imp. of Shape. Shaped.
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I want my shindigs to consist of great chat, raucous laughs and perhaps the odd rendition of the Shoop Shoop Song on a karaoke machine.
"Why Not," by Tyler Benjamin and Ryan Shoop, tackles the challenges faced by a woman with a boyfriend, a girlfriend and an ex-boyfriend who are all in love with her.
A It was the last day of an impressive five-week run for Cher with the Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss).
Sharon also tore a strip off You Are What You Eat presenter Gillian McKeith, who was voted off after her performance of Cher's Shoop Shoop Song failed to impress viewers or judges.
Kacie Evans and Jessie Chatfield split time in goal for the Lancers and Andrea Shoop recorded the shutout for the host Wolverines.
THE Brangelina baby...that's a Shiloh Pitt compared to the ultimate showbiz shoop of the week.
Andrea Shoop picked up her third shutout in goal with eight saves.
Tom Selleck stars in this thrilling feature-length pilot of the TV crime drama series, alongside John Hillerman, Pamela Susan Shoop, Roger E.
ALBANY - Ceara Drury had two goals and goalkeeper Andrea Shoop got the shutout to lead the Wolverines, who scored five goals in the second half.