Sociable bird

(Zool.) a weaver bird which builds composite nests. See Republican, n., 3. (b).

See also: Sociable

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Results show that one of the prettiest and daintiest birds, the long-tailed tit (right), has taken UK gardens by storm with numbers of this highly sociable bird almost doubled compared to last year.
A kea, a very sociable bird which lives in New Zealand, runs backwards and forwards with its head held upside down, a giraffe licks a stone pediment, a tapir shakes its head from side to side, a polar bear keeps walking up to a crevice in a rock, then backing away from it.
A good way of telling is by remembering that the rook is a highly sociable bird and the crow isn't.
Turkeys are very curious and sociable birds. They seem to want to be around people and are inquisitive about what we're up to.
Being sociable birds, they do prefer to be kept in a pair or small group.
The breeding season finishes, a quick moult into winter plumage and these highly sociable birds begin to congregate.
"Ravens are very sociable birds, starting with fellow fledglings, and continuing as juveniles who live and travel together.
through his cage in an They seem to be sociable birds, though they're often treated as pests by Australian farmers - I can well imagine the terror of watching a marauding flock of them descend on your land.
Tim Morphew, Folly Farm's zoo manager and the brains behind the new education-based sensory exhibit, said: "African Grey parrots are sociable birds, so when I designed their enclosure I wanted to include a television to keep them company when the Folly Interactive Keepers have gone home.
Acting centre manager Andy Wooldridge said: "All the Greater Flamingos that are at Martin Mere have been bred and raised in captivity which makes them very friendly and sociable birds, you can get very close and even hand feed them.