Spanish sheep

(Zool.) a merino.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This 2018 study is one in a series of studies investigating a disturbing and mysterious outbreak that developed in Spanish sheep in 2009, after widespread vaccination for bluetongue, a non-contagious, viral illnesses transmitted by midges (tiny flies).
GGEV, Greek goat encephalomyelitis virus; LIV, Louping ill virus; SGEV, Spanish goat encephalitis virus; SSEV, Spanish sheep encephalitis virus; TBEV, tickborne encephalitis virus; TBEV-EU, TBEV European subtype; TBEV-FE, Far Eastern subtype; TBEV-NL, TBEV Netherlands subtype; TBEV-SI, TBEV Siberian subtype; TSEV, Turkish sheep encephalomyelitis virus.
Later, animals arriving from closing Belle Vue included three deer, two arctic fox, two Spanish sheep; two paca (South American rodents), two Barbary goats, four Barbary sheep and an Augur buzzard.
On that dreary Wednesday, it included potatoes, chorizo and manchego, a mild but flavorful Spanish sheep's milk cheese.
The three cheeses we chose were Cato Corner's Bridgid's Abbey, a cow's milk cheese from a Connecticut cheesemaker, Idiazabal, a Spanish sheep's milk cheese, and Borough Market Stilton, a blue from Great Britain.
The two-day meeting in Frankfurt, which started on Thursday, was hosted by the German Shepherds' organisation and brought together delegates from the Austrian, French, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish sheep industries, in addition to delegates from the UK.
"It's takes a lot of profit out of the Spanish sheep industry - so much so that it has now dampened down enthusiasm for electronic identification," he said.
Prion protein gene polymorphisms in healthy and scrapie-affected Spanish sheep. J Gen Virol 2004;85:2103-10.
It reveled in spectacle and the heterogenous; as one of Berkowitz's sources put it: "eye-catching scenery; stunning effects; Oriental music; African dances; Arabian horses; Spanish sheep; authentic, historical Jewish goats; Turkish costumes; Chinese shoes; Russian nihilists; Italian melodies; Indian marches; German swords" (36-37).
The park was laid out in its present form by 'Capability' Brown and has descendants of Sir Thomas Lucy's deer and Spanish sheep.