Strangle hold

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Stran´gle hold

1.(Wrestling) a hold by which one's opponent is choked. It is usually not allowed.
2.a forceful influence that strongly inhibits freedom of action; as, the oil price jump put a stranglehold on the economy.
Zona believes that Microsoft's entry into this fray breaks what has been, by all appearances, Netscape's stranglehold on the Internet. Microsoft is not licensing any technology from Netscape, and as part of this announcement, several alliances which historically would have been with Netscape were included. The impact of this announcement on Netscape was huge.
SAN FRANCISCO, November 6, 1996 - If Microsoft Corp. CEO Bill Gates were a plumber, he would control all the water in the world and force anyone who wanted some of the precious liquid to cut a deal with him.
With that statement, Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison closed a question-and-answer session with reporters and analysts held here Tuesday at Oracle OpenWorld. During his hour-long appearance, Ellison agitated in favor of low-cost, generic network computers and against Windows-based PCs.
"The notion of one company controlling the whole [computer] industry is shocking and unacceptable," Ellison said, referring to what he describes as Microsoft's stranglehold on PCs through its ubiquitous Windows operating systems.
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The plant man was well muscled, heavy, and powerful but my earthly sinews and greater agility, in conjunction with the deathly strangle hold I had upon him, would have given me, I think, an eventual victory had we had time to discuss the merits of our relative prowess uninterrupted.
It was so thick in the confined space that I was compelled to feel my way; and so potent was the spell of Wolf Larsen on my imagination, I was quite prepared for the helpless giant to grip my neck in a strangle hold. I hesitated, the desire to race back and up the steps to the deck almost overpowering me.
They also spoke about the benefits of doing away with certain EU red tape that has a strangle hold on productivity.
We have grown up as a country, moving forward in leaps and bounds from the strangle hold of our difficult past.
In Pakistan we have seen a sinister plot being implemented in which the political parties, that have a strangle hold of feudal land lords, have ensured that the majority of Pakistanis remain illiterate and therefore, easily exploitable.
We know this tournament is almost the preserve of Premier League sides but we want to break that strangle hold and got our glory as a small team," said Riverplate president James Andati.
PPP was formed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1967 at Lahore to challenge the establishment strangle hold while PML(N) came into existence in the eighties to neutralize the influence of Bhutto's party.
Again Dynamo took a strangle hold on the game with Prenderville's effort blocked on 65 minutes followed by Hurst's effort blocked on 72 minutes.
It has been growing for decades, and its roots have a strangle hold on nearly every state institution.
Since the 18th Amendment successive governments have deliberatively not taken any steps in this direction as the federation does not want to release its strangle hold on these resources.
The Syrian Army put a further strangle hold of terrorist forces in Aleppo city but cutting off another supply line.
the heat and heart of the July festival's final day is the Group 1 Darley July Cup, in which Commonwealth Cup winner Muhaarar and Brazen Beau have a strangle hold on the market.