n.1.Subordinacy; subordination.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"All this is a direct result of the submission of political authority to the logic of arms and its subordinance to a regional axis, instead of its commitment to Lebanon's impartiality and sovereignty," Kataeb Party said in a statement issued in the wake of its periodic politburo meeting, presided over by Party chief MP Sami Gemayel.
acquisition of prior Mexican territories) is also associated with notions of first-world nation dominance and third-world subordinance as reflected in present-day societal attitudes and language policies (Darder & Uriarte, 2013; Macedo, 2000; Wang & Winstead, 2016).
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It involves relationship powers (subordinance and dominance) and bonds between family members based on emotions (involving fathers, mothers, daughters and sons).
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The topics include disputes during family mealtime, children's production of authority and subordinance in their pretended play interaction during disputes, some categorical resources for accomplishing disputes in a correctional youth facility, challenging and orienting to monolingual school norms in Turkish American children's peer disputes and classroom negotiations at a US Turkish Saturday school, when verbal disputes get physical, and facing death in computer gaming.
However, politicians reacted to the subordinance of traditional redistricting principles to population equality by using population equality as justification to draw noncompact districts that split existing political boundaries.
As Ellen Levy has observed, "Instead of challenging female subordinance, images of fashionable lesbians in the media re-create sexual politics as usual in the guise of same sex love" (par.