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Only certain species of Steneosaurus and Teleosaurus had such truly needle-like teeth, and yet these teeth were curved in two directions (Distally and labially) and these taxa are restricted stratigraphically to the Middle Jurassic (Buffetaut and Jeffery, 2012).
The theft at Bendrick Rock was of a footprint belonging to a Teleosaurus - a type of crocodile that grew to almost 10ft long which, unlike modern crocodilians, lived in the open ocean.
* One of the missing footprints with a hand to show its size * How the teleosaurus looked * The dinosaur footprints were taken from Bendrick Rock between Barry and Sully
The centre-piece of the occasion was the bonfire which had been constructed as a model of a teleosaurus -a creature which is similar in shape to a crocodile but lived 180 million years ago.
During that age -the mid-Jurassic period -historians have found Skinningrove and the surrounding region was submerged beneath a shallow sub-tropical sea full of exotic life -including the teleosaurus.
A suite of ethnographic items from the Challenger expedition included "an unique Coat of Armour made of Buffalo Horn and Brass Rings;" impressive fossils such as "one of the largest examples of Teleosaurus Bollensis know ...
This included the teleosaurus -much like the modern crocodile.
Tina said: "The structure of this year's bonfire is based on a teleosaurus.
These included the teleosaurus -which resembled the crocodile.
Tina said: "The structure of this year's bonfire is therefore based on a teleosaurus. As the local sea in which these creatures lived receded, so their remains became embedded in the rock formations that developed to form the coastline we recognise today."