Tile drain

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a drain made of tiles.

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pollutants being discharged from a tile drain is quantifiable much in
If you don't have tile drain, especially with the winter we have had, it will take an extra three to four weeks before you can get on the land, and you have lost all that good seeding season when everything grows fast," he said.
Early results indicate that buffers can be effective in removing nitrate from tile drain water before it is discharged into surface waters.
The field experiments include smoke tests to identify directly connected macropores, whereby smoke is injected at the outlet of the tile drain. Concentrated smoke plumes on the soil surface then indicate a direct pathway between the subsurface drain and the soil surface.
"These changes helped improve the accuracy of the model's assessments of tile drain flow and water quality," Ahuja says.
After flow measurements, excess runoff and subsurface drainage left the monitoring well through a perforated tile drain into a central well where it was pumped out with three sump pumps.
The lateral effect of a drainage system -- often a ditch or tile drain -- is the distance away from the drainage system where the hydrology is affected by the drainage system being in place.
Other presenters from the University of Wisconsin, Western Illinois University, and the Illinois SWCD will discuss nutrient loss on tile drained land,
Does not regulate most ditches, groundwater, shallow subsurface flows, or tile drains. It does not make changes to current policies on irrigation, water transfers, or erosion in a field.
"But our results so far indicate that using cover crops such as winter rye in Midwest corn and soybean crop production could significantly reduce nitrate load runoff via subsurface tile drains. And this reduction could substantially help mitigate hypoxia and support larger national efforts to reduce nitrate loads and protect water quality in the Gulf of Mexico."--By Ann Perry, ARS.