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vinach oben kippen; the back of the truck tilts updie Ladefläche des Lastwagens kippt
vt sep bottlekippen; kaleidoscopeschräg nach oben halten
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"You need to get out and see the tilt-up building system to appreciate the flexibility available with each project," said Holleran.
Although the Entrata building and the Prestige building are the first 4-story tilt-up buildings in Utah, there are other tilt-up office buildings in other parts of the country which are 5 and 6 stories in height.
Architects, structural engineers, contractors, and other professionals deploy the integrated program for tilt-up buildings and construction packages, including Building Information Modeling data.
"Tilt-up buildings are competitive with concrete block buildings of the same size, and we are offering more opulent finishes that vie with costlier construction types, such as brick," explains Paul E.
Tilt-up buildings inherently deliver mass for the building envelope.