Tobacco box

(Zool.) the common American skate.

See also: Tobacco

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A Tobackje: a Still Life with a Berkemeier, Matches, clay Pipes, a Tobacco Box, and a Brazier comes with a price tag of 1.65m [euro].
We don't throw anything away in Cuba, we reuse it for something, and after we consumed the cookies, I put in cedar wood from the tobacco box and made a humidor.
Betty still has it plus other mementoes of the conflict such as a tobacco box - with tobacco still in it!
This included press cuttings from the time of the Senghenydd mining disaster as well as a piece of coal and a tobacco box which once belonged to miners.
A silver tobacco box in the ROM's collections corroborates this notion.
He later claimed he had been opening his tobacco box when the house suddenly exploded.
The incredibly intricate items range from a small tobacco box to a Romany caravan, to a metre high grandfather clock.
When I didn't want to do it he picked up his tobacco box and threw it at me.
Among the antiques on display is an arts and crafts brooch by CR Ashbee, examples of the Meissen from the earliest years of European porcelain manufacture, a rare silver tobacco box rescued from a London dustbin and a valuable painting by the leading painter of the 19th century.
We bale hay by hand using a BCS to cut, the truck to pull the hay rake and a tobacco box resemblance to make the bales (thankfully we only have five acres to bale this way).
Threats were made to him and he was eventually robbed of his tobacco box before the thieves made off.