Tobacco worm

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(Zool.) the larva of a large hawk moth (Sphinx Carolina syn. Phlegethontius Carolina). It is dark green, with seven oblique white stripes bordered above with dark brown on each side of the body. It feeds upon the leaves of tobacco and tomato plants, and is often very injurious to the tobacco crop. See Illust. of Hawk moth.

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Thorpe claimed that man and the disgusting tobacco worm were the only living habitual tobacco users.
`Tobacco Worm' beans hail from eastern Kentucky, where they were thought to resemble the notorious tobacco worm. They have been in some families for as many as six generations, but it took me three years of searching to finally find seed, My line comes from Virginia Jones of Waco, Kentucky, whose family has grown the beans since the 1960s.
This summer, a cluster of elementary school teachers found themselves back in the 18th century, picking out tobacco worms next to slaves on the Great Hopes Plantation.