n.1.A kind of inferior cigar of a long slender shape, tapered at one end.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Tobie Watson, fourth in the recent English Schools Championships, also had a good day as he remained unbeaten in the 400m hurdles.
Muzi Yeni is a bit like South African racing's version of Luke Morris - he has taken over 130 more rides than any other jockey this season and sits second in the title race - and he can strike in the first two races for the much-travelled Tobie Spies.
'Three Words to Forever,' which also features Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Lorena, Tommy Esguerra, Joross Gamboa, Marnie Lapus and Tobie dela Cruz, is part of Star Cinema's 25th anniversary celebration.
"We honestly just hoped to win something at our first state competition," Tobie Dyson, the team's coach and Woodland Middle science teacher, said.
Tobie De Villiersfrom South Africa highlighted the health needs of menopausal women and clarified the controversies around prescribing Hormone therapy.
He has also received awards for his choreography from the SF Bay Guardian, the 360 Award from CSUEB for all around Outstanding and Outrageous Queer Dance Work and the Tobie from Bay Area Dance Watch for Best Male Solo.
National squad gymnast Tobie Watson returned to the competition arena after a long-term back injury and, competing on four apparatus out of the six, he took an individual apparatus bronze medal on parallel bars with a score of 12.1 points.
South African photographer and documentary film-maker, Tobie Openshaw helped coordinate the shoot and took some photographs of Kainu as well, which can be seen below:
His band features MD, drummer and programmer Sebastian Sternberg; Rosie Langley on violin, synths and guitar; classicallytrained pianist and violinist Tobie Tripp; and Beau Holland on guitar, synths and piano.
Summary: Tobie Allen launches a music label and his second compilation record, 'Sounds of Dubai 002'
Tobie Gillean, LCSW, CCM, has been named Health Care Social Worker of the Year for 2015 by the Mississippi Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care.