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Noun1.Tobin - United States economist (1918-2002)
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Tobin and me, the two of us, went down to Coney one day, for there was four dollars between us, and Tobin had need of distractions.
So, to Coney me and Tobin went, thinking that a turn at the chutes and the smell of the popcorn might raise the heart in his bosom.
At a little six by eight stall Tobin halts, with a more human look in his eye.
Tobin was a believer in signs and the unnatural in nature.
Tobin gives her ten cents and extends one of his hands.
"Tis not me foot at all," says Tobin, interrupting.
"'Tis Katie Mahorner she has references with," whispers Tobin to me in a loud voice to one side.
"Is his name set down?" asks Tobin. "'Twill be convenient in the way of greeting when he backs up to dump off the good luck."
"'Tis wonderful how she knows," says Tobin as we walk to the pier.
On the boat going back, when the man calls "Who wants the good- looking waiter?" Tobin tried to plead guilty, feeling the desire to blow the foam off a crock of suds, but when he felt in his pocket he found himself discharged for lack of evidence.
In passing by, Tobin kicks her foot without intentions, and, being polite to ladies when in drink, he tries to give his hat a twist while apologising.
Tobin, the care-taker, was murdered, and the thieves got away with seven thousand pounds.