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n.1.A road prepared for easy transit of trams or wagons, by forming the wheel tracks of smooth beams of wood, blocks of stone, or plates of iron.
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So-called for its box-like appearance, "Box 40" is one of the oldest operational electric tramcars in the national collection, originally built for the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramroad Company in 1914.
It expanded later that century with the construction of the Corris, Machynlleth and River Dyfi tramroad, later Corris Railway.
On the contrary, I am convinced that it was the intention that they should remain attached to the demised land, that during the term any rails and sleepers which were part of the tramroad or of the alterations or extensions to it permitted by the terms of the lease should be kept in repair by the lessees and left in place at the end of the term...
Welsh engineer George Overton originally planned a tramroad in1818.
enclosed if it had access to 'a railroad, tramroad or a water
I find myself waging an ihave now bothered myself to discover that tramway is the correct name for a track let into a street, and tramroad for one running elsewhere, such as the line that used to run from Wallsend to Gosforth Park.
Author Charles Dickens once wrote of "endless intricacies of dock, miles of tramroad, wildernesses of timber in stacks, and huge, three-masted ships" at Gloucester.
Wyken Main Colliery was established in 1799 with a tramroad connection to the Oxford Canal.
On Thursday June 9, there will be a walk and talk (Lonc a Chlonc) along Bryn Oer Tramroad.