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tran·ny 1

n. Slang
An automobile transmission.

tran·ny 2

n. Offensive Slang
A transgender person.

tran′ny adj.


(Brit inf) → Transistor m (inf), → Kofferradio nt
(inf: = transvestite) → Transvestit m
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h sho waw Miley From the moment she slid down to the stage on a giant model of her own tongue, Miley was on irrepressible form, barreling through hits like SMS (Bangerz) and Love Money Party surrounded by a dance that took in, amongst things, trannies, dwarves, a pantomime horse hairy ostrich.
A day was picked to remember dead trannies who were victims of discrimination and violence, with the first commemoration made in 1998 after Rita Hester, an African American transgender in Aliston, Massachusetts was killed.
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has revealed that she and her sisters look like ''trannies'' because they wear excessive make-up.
The stylish Victoria Street venue will be opening its doors to to T- Girls, CDs, trannies and their friends from all over the region as the monthly T-Party relaunches in its new home.
Hell, I skate street more than most other things, but all I want to say is leave street to the street and trannies to the park.
Helmers Negin Kianfar and Daisy Mohr follow three trannies and their very different experiences, with few explanations or backstories.
JA: It means someone who chases trannies. Who likes to have sex with trannies.
But here's the kicker: "We've been on sale in California for 15 months, and our cars are still selling at roughly MSRP and with zero incentives." Oh, and one more thing: "The average small car incentive we compete against is $2,000 cash." So, while others are trying to appeal to Gen Y by, well, buying their business, Scions, which have base MSRPs (with manual trannies) of $14,195 for the xB and $16,465 for the tC, are presumably being purchased by people who want them.
The band were filming in a club in New York's Garment district with 100 trannies and clubbers but cops were called after a fight broke out between a 6ft trannie and a member of the crew.
The Runcorn derby between FC Trannie and Runcorn Albion, was settled 7-1 in Trannies' favour, Lee Mitchell and Frannie Jones scoring two each with further efforts from Dave Malone, Ryan Henley and Daniel Cowley.
Breedlove recently spoke with CURVE about testosterone-taking trannies and the creative process.
The fourth round draw on January 6 will be a Monday lunchtime and we can all huddle around our trannies. Next up, baggy shorts, Soccer Star stamp albums and pre- Brussels EU regulations meat pies.