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Noun1.Turfan - a dialect of Tocharian
Tocharian - a branch of the Indo-European language family that originated in central Asia during the first millennium A.D.
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Ford Trucks VP Serhan Turfan said: "Ford Trucks is a brand combining almost 60 years of experience with the capabilities to manufacture products tailored to different customer needs in various markets."
Centred around four cities Xi'an, Turfan, Samarkand and Baghdad, the interactive exhibition covers the period between 600AD to 1200AD when traffic along the Silk Road was at its peak.
Four cities that flourished during that time were showcases at the exhibition: Xian, the ancient capital of China; Turfan, a fertile oasis; Samarkand, a grand city of commerce; and Baghdad, then the centre of the Islamic world.
In addition, onomastic data from archeological finds and inscriptional sources that lean heavily towards the non-elite, such as those uncovered at Dunhuang and Turfan as well as the dedicatory inscriptions in northern China, would thus prove to be not quite consistent with traditional sources.
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Among their topics are Dunhuang and two revolutions in the history of the Chinese book, a possible adaptation of the Book of the Giants in the Manichaean Traite, the Rouran Qaghanate and the western regions during the second half of the fifth century based on a Chinese document newly found in Turfan, on the Chinese name for the Syr Darya in Xuanzang's Account of Western Regions, beyond deciphering: an overview of Tocharian studies during the past 30 years, and Kaniska in the Old Turkic tradition.
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I later learnt that the Buddhist Uyghurs of the Kingdom of Qocho and Turfan, in which Bezekilk was situated, were converted to Islam by conquest during a holy war at the hands of the Muslim Chagatai Khizr Khwaja.