Vertical limb

a graduated arc attached to an instrument, as a theodolite, for measuring vertical angles.

See also: Vertical

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Cuts are given at the upper and lower end of anterior and posterior flaps thereby releasing the tension of flaps and allowing us to marsupialize the entire sac, and then lateral wall mucosal flap is fashioned to create "C" shaped flap vertical limb of this flap is approximated with posterior lacrimal flap and horizontal limbs are spread over lateral wall to cover the raw surface.
Cystoscopy showed calculus formed over the vertical limb of the IUCD and the horizontal limb embedded in the uterus.
Tension on the vertical limb of the scar caused considerable spreading and recurrence of the web.
The cat started moving as I tried to get a proper sight picture as it casually walked towards a vertical limb that would block my shot.
Vertical limb and angle of preopercle serrate, lower limb smooth; subopercle and interopercle smooth in adults.
The student stood straight with heels, buttocks, back touching the vertical limb of the instruments and stretching upwards to the fullest extent with arms hanging on the side.
Q: Four or five years ago, one of the huge pecan trees in our yard was struck by lightning, which hit the top Of the largest vertical limb and ran down it, through the trunk, and into the ground.
Its vertical limb can erode the rectal wall and present its threads through the anus7,8.
Due to vertical limb movement, with limbs moving in opposite directions, noise and hand shock are greatly reduced.
Once the perpendicular limb is plugged, the vertical limb allows for normal respiration and phonation.
Members of the genus may be recognized by the lack of cephalic sensory canal pores, a much reduced cephalic sensory papillae pattern, a wide gill opening extending anteriorly to below the vertical limb of the preopercle or, more usually, anterior to this, a lack of spicules (odontoids) on the outer gill rakers of the first gill arch, fewer than 12 dorsal and anal fin rays, and a fifth pelvic-fin ray that is equal to or more than 40% the length of the fourth pelvic-fin ray (Winterbottom 1995, 2003).
Bowtech's testing shows that the Guardian, and other bows with truly parallel limbs, produce 20 to 30 times less recoil energy on release than traditional vertical limb bows.