Viscount Northcliffe

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Noun1.Viscount Northcliffe - British newspaper publisher (1865-1922)Viscount Northcliffe - British newspaper publisher (1865-1922)
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Which of the Harmsworth brothers became the first Viscount Northcliffe? A Alfred B Robert C Harold D John 15.
Willingness to back new technologies and those who can exploit them (ANL's managing editor is former Daily Mail production director and IFRA presiding director Murdoch MacLennan; its group technology director is the widely respected Allan Marshall) is a legacy of founder Alfred Harmsworth, Viscount Northcliffe, who at the outset of an earlier communications revolution, recognized value not only in new printing machines but also in the telephone, radio, automobile, and airplane.
I chose as my second photographic subject Viscount Northcliffe. The fact that I chose him rather than Lord Reith or Rupert Murdoch was not influenced by personal associations but by my desire to go back in historical association before the beginning of this century to a decade which did much to shape its social and cultural distinctiveness.